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Interested in getting back into board gaming.


Its been many years since I last was over at the store to join the board game night on Thursdays. I doubt anyone remembers a Daniel from way back when though!

I've finally gotten a renewed interest in board gaming, but my circle of friends are not much into them. I am wondering then what sort of board gaming community, if any, is out there. I would be most interested in being able to join an established group that plays the sorts of games I am interested in, but am not sure where to start in finding/ or asking for an invitation to such a group, assuming such were even possible. I figured this was a good place to start however!

On that note, I am also interested in knowing if the game night at the store is still active, and open to new/returning players such as myself. If so, what sort of games are typically played?

Personally I have found I can play a number of different games, from Abstract to complex. I am most interested however in games such as Arkham Horror or Battlestar Galactica, though I've only got experience playing the first.

So to wrap up. I'm ultimately hoping to find a group that meets up and plays such games regularly. However I'd love to get some play time in even if that is not a possibility. Even if the sorts of games I've referenced are not played regularly on Thursday nights, I'd love to get involved in whatever sorts of games are. Anyone willing to share information or advice on either topic would be greatly appreciated! Either posted on here or sent to my email address, "BladedEdge123" (no space or quotations).

Thanks in advance, and either way happy gaming all!

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